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Feel free to reach out for collaborations HERE.

While I absolutely love getting the opportunity to share about so many incredible brands (like yours!), I do take each post very seriously— I only share products with my readers that I genuinely love. Once I have taken the time to try the product, and in the cases that I do love the product/s, I will make sure to talk about it on social media, feature it on a blog post, or both. 

In the (rare) instances that a product is sent to me that I don't enjoy or doesn't work for me, I will not be held to any binding terms to share about it— for the sake of authenticity & honesty with my readers.

Please keep in mind when sending along a product that I like to test and try them for a significant amount of time before sharing. 

photos + sharing

Please do not use my photos without permission. (Just ask, I bet you anything I'll say yes!)

When sharing my images, please provide proper credit in the post/s:

@amberneldridge | #trulyamber

friends + READERS:

Occasionally, I receive free product/s to review, but all opinions are honest and 100% my own.

I also have a few affiliate links on this blog (you can shop my favorite products here!) that help me buy an occasional free latte. I only have affiliate links listed to products + brands I actually use and love.

Please keep in mind that while I'm passionate about green beauty, non-toxic products, and all things eco-friendly — I am not a doctor. If I ever give any advice for health, wellness, etc. please use at your own discretion. 

Thank you so much for following along with my journey and spending a little bit of your time here!

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