The Radiant Beauty Collection with Root!

The Radiant Beauty Collection with Root!

Welcome back and happy Saturday, friends!

I'm super excited for this post! I recently collaborated with one of my favorite brands and one of my favorite bloggers! Amanda (of A Beautiful Pursuit) and I teamed up with mineral makeup brand, Root to bring you an amazing Summer Collection.

Allow me to introduce you all to The Radiant Beauty Collection!


Krista (the owner and founder of Root) gave us the amazing opportunity to design three loose eyeshadows, a blushing bronze and Pretty Balm! We wanted to create a look that was easy to apply and use, but also able to add some drama all with the same shades.  

Here is everything swatched!

From top to bottom:

A Team is a pinky, champagne color! It's great for highlighting the brow bone, cheekbones, inner corner of your eyes and even down the bridge of your nose!

Centsible is a light brownish, bronze color that's perfect for all over the lid as it's a great transition color for a smokey eye. You can even wear this alone because it's such a great neutral shade!

Pursuit is a chocolate, plum color that completes a smokey eye! Wear this on your outer corner to create some dimension and be ready for those eyes to pop! You can also wear it as a liner!

Sunniest is warm and peachy blushing bronze perfect for Spring and Summer (and Fall and Winter)! It has a little bit of shimmer in it. Just enough to give you the most perfect glow. Did I go to the beach or am I wearing Sunniest? You'll never know. You can also pop a little bit of Sunniest over the Loyal Pretty Balm for some dimension! 

Loyal is a Pretty Balm that I'm pretty much obsessed with. It's a peachy, nude shade that has great color payoff. The pigment is totally buildable- and I love that about Root's Pretty Balms!

Making this collection was so fun because Amanda and I got to create everything- from deciding the colors to picking out the names! What a dream come true! We really wanted the colors and names to be a representation of us so we incorporated bits and pieces of our blogs and what we aspire to be as woman. A Team because, duh, Amanda and Amber. Centisble describes me because I like to think I'm pretty Centsible with my cash-money. I'm always trying to find deals and save some dollas! You're also on, so you can put the two together! Pursuit represents Amanda, as she is apart of A Beautiful Pursuit. Amanda encourages others to live a healthier, less toxic life. She's not about living the life of perfection. But supports others in their own pursuit. Isn't she great?! We chose Sunniest because this blush makes you look like you have the perfect sun kissed glow, duh. But I want to radiate light. I want people to see me and first, notice that I have great blush on. But secondly and more importantly, I want to be a light in the darkness (woaahh getting deep over here!). This world is so sad, so we need all the light and kindness we can get! Finally, there is Loyal. Who doesn't want to be described as loyal?! I want to be a loyal wife and a loyal friend. We also think you'll be pretty Loyal to this Pretty Balm.

Want get this collection?! Root will be pre-releasing The Radiant Beauty Collection at Indie Beauty Expo on May 4th in LA! If you're going to be there, make sure you stop by their booth and pick up the Collection and a bunch of Root goodies!

Not attending iBE in LA? It's ok, I'm not either *insert sobbing here*. But have no fear! Root will be releasing the full collection on May 6th on their website!! 

We hope you love this collection as much as we do! 

Can't wait to hear what you think!



Special thanks to my friend, Lindsey Pruitt for taking awesome photos!

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