Prim, Not Always Proper

Prim, Not Always Proper

Hi guys!

Happy Saturday!

I recently received a few products from Prim Botanicals! Margot from The Choosy Chick reached out and asked if I wanted to try a few items from their lineup and I of course said YES. 

I've always admired Prim Botanicals packaging and how nostalgic their bottles look. It reminds me of something my Nana had on her bathroom countertop when I was a little girl. It's so timeless and classic! 

I got their Face Oil and Debauchery Detox Body Scrub! Which are both almost empty as of now.

Their Body Scrub is WOW. It is gritty and incredibly moisturizing. One of the ingredients is Hawaiian black lava salt and charcoal. Man, they have the best stuff in Hawaii, don't they?! The black lava salt and charcoal aid in magnesium and help release toxins from your body. Another awesome ingredient is coffee! I drink it like it's going out of style. But it actually helps your skins texture and increase circulation! This scrub hydrates your skin and combats against stretch marks and even eczema. It also comes with this ADORABLE Mother of Pearl spoon from the Philippines!

Safety note: The body scrub is in a glass jar so be careful if you're keeping it in or near your shower! Also, it does make your shower or tub a little slippery, so be safe!  

Their Face Oil is such an amazing product. Sometimes I love a good oily Face Oil. One that makes my skin super slick and just allows my face to drink up the greasy goodness. BUT, there's something so special about a face oil that absorbs quickly and leaves behind no evidence of any grease - just super smooth and hydrated skin. This face oil is that. It is designed to reduce inflammation, signs of aging and breakouts. SIGN ME UP. 

You can use it morning and night. Prim even says you can use it as a makeup primer! I like to mix it with a couple drops of the Aer Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Live Botanical and then apply my tinted sunscreen or foundation.  

I highly recommend this Face Oil. I have loved every drop and will purchase it once I run out of the precious oil!

Have you tried any products from Prim Botanicals? What should I try next?!

Be sure to check out The Choosy Chick! They have a ton of new products! 


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