Check 1,2,3...

WOAH! What the heck is this?!

After years of wanting to start a blog, I finally did it. A place to write down my thoughts... kind of like a diary. Except I want you to read it, there isn't a combination lock, and I will actually write in this blog more than I did with any diary.

Anyways, a little about me... *ahem*

Why hello! I'm Amber from Charlotte, NC. I live here with my awesome husband, who's a singer. His band is Millennial, you can check them out here! I have a dog that I love more than most humans. But what's this blog going to be about, you ask? Anything and everything, but mostly green beauty, and living creatively on a budget. It's a "life"style blog. So who knows, maybe one day I'll post about homemade dog treats (honestly, just because I want you to see how adorable my dog is).

Other days, I may post about my thrifting treasures. I'm a fantastic "Goodwill-er". One time, I took a dress that was 12 sizes too big and made it into the cutest little number! I get more compliments on that dress ($3.49 mind you), than I do on any dress that I've paid $10+ for.

Oh, and $10 is my limit for pretty much anything. If it's under $10, IT'S MINE! $12? Now that's a different story. I probably have to walk around Target and think about it.

And MOST OF ALL, I'll be posting about non-toxic makeup/products! This is my passion. Have you read the ingredients on your body products? It sounds like I'm trying to sell you something. Have no fear, I'm not. But really, it's gross and scary when you look at what the ingredients are linked to. Cancer? Asthma? Infertility? To name a few. NO THANK YOU!

So enough chatting. Without further ado... I present to you, Truly Amber.

Have a look around, and come back soon!




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