Hello, A'Del Natural Cosmetics!

Hello, A'Del Natural Cosmetics!

Hi Sweet Thangs!

Hope you all are doing well! 

A quick update on my crazy life - my husband and I bought a house in August! It’s a cute little starter home and I’m so excited to make it our own! We are almost unpacked and getting settled in. It’s funny, I kept getting asked if we are unpacked like 2 weeks after moving in. Is that normal for people? Am I the only one that took a month to unpack certain boxes? How long does it take to hang pictures on the wall? For some reason, I cannot nail down (no pun intended. Ok, I intended it) where to hang everything!

I also spilled my guts out on instagram about the motivation behind our wants. Why do we want the beautiful home? Is it because we love what we are putting inside? Or is it so we can post a picture of our house? Not saying you can’t post a picture - but are we seeking validation rather than just being content? Anyways, you can read the post here if you're interested.

Thanks for “listening” to me ramble.

I recently received a beautiful package from A'Del Natural Cosmetics!

They are a family owned, USA based company and they seem like the nicest people around! They started A'Del back in 2014 after Arlene, the founder, discovered that finding natural makeup that was actually "natural" was tricky (I hear that). So she started making her own! You go, girl.

They have cosmetics as well as pretty amazing skincare.

They sent over their Luxury Skincare Set and boy oh boy, is it luxurious. This line has 3 steps (aka products).

Step One is an oil cleanser. Holy smokes, you guys. This oil cleanser is SO GOOD. It’s thick but slides around enough to really remove everything. I massage it in for a few minutes (then remove it with a warm washcloth) and boom, stubborn eye makeup is gone. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth too. It’s not stripping or drying which I love.

Step Two is a hydrating mist. The base is from aloe vera leaf juice which is great for the skin. You can spray this mist after cleansing or really whenever you want to! I use it after I apply my makeup and randomly throughout the day. The smell of lavender is lovely too. They only use certified organic lavender essential oil. So your skin can reap the calming benefits and you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits too!

Step Three is the moisturizer. It’s not a lotion moisturizer. It’s a serum packed with 16 different oils to help nourish and obviously moisturize your skin. And that it does! It can be used day and night. But if you’re going to use it during the day, they recommend you spray a little bit of the hydrating mist before applying the serum to help with absorbing it into your skin.

Moving onto their LIPSTICKS!

Let's talk ingredients first. Their lipsticks use mostly certified organic oils, butters and waxes. Their lipstick may also include carmine for coloring. Which to most people, is totally fine and they don't experience any issues. But some people try to limit it in case of a reaction. It’s rated a 1 on the Environmental Working Group. I’ve never had a problem with carmine before but I just wanted to get that out of the way first! 

Now onto the fun stuff!



From the top: Sweet, Blossom, Flamingo, Nude, Barely There, Berry, Cherry Pop, Deep and Raisin

Their lipsticks are long-wearing and feel great on the lips. They’re more of a matte or satin finish but not drying at all. You can view them all here.

I keep going back and forth on which shades are my favorite and I can’t decide on one. So I shall choose two. Nude and Barely There are my favorites. Ok, I’ll add Berry too. Raisin is also beautiful for the cooler months. Alright, I gotta stop. I love them all.

The ladies over at A’Del were kind enough to offer coupon code! Use code AMBER20 for 20% off on their entire full size skincare line, individual full size steps (Cleanse, Hydrate, Moisturize) and their awesome lipsticks!

They also just released petites of their Luxury Skincare Set (also included in the 20% off with the code!). Which is perfect for trying it out or for travel!

Happy shopping! Let me know what you purchase!

Hope you have a great week!

Yours Truly,



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