Get Wasteless!

Get Wasteless!

Hi friends! Happy Saturday!


So I don't know if you've noticed, but we all have a drinking problem. 


But it's not the drinking problem you think I'm talking about. 

More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day.

That's about 22 BILLION last year.

22 billion. Wow.


We are all about convenience. We don't want to have to remember to refill our water bottle everyday. We'd rather just buy a new one while we're out (and then throw it away). 

We don't want to have to carry around a tumbler for coffee. We'd rather just get some coffee on our way to work (and then throw it away). 

See a pattern here?

Let's change our way of thinking.

I bring my own bottle of water. I bring my own mug. I'm even drinking my iced latte out of a mason jar at my favorite coffee shop as I type this.

It really isn't that hard. It just takes a little planning.

Am I perfect? NO WAY. Do I forget sometimes? Absolutely. 

But it's not about being perfect. It's about being BETTER.

Be better than you were yesterday or last year. 

The lovely people from Lone Deodorant (review on their deodorant coming soon!) have started a movement encouraging everyone to reuse what they already have! 

Sarah is the lovely lady behind the movement that she's calling 'Intoxicated Clean'. Urging us to quit using plastic water bottles and start reusing the many liquor bottles that end up in landfills. She also wants to raise awareness and funds on global drinking problems! 

I'm so on board with their movement! You can buy an upcycled liquor bottle on their website and they'll donate to water causes around the world! 

Are you ready to get wasteless?

Check out Intoxicated Clean for more information!

Hope you join the movement with me!



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