Full Face of Fitglow!

Full Face of Fitglow!

Hi friends!

I’m really excited about this post because it’s all about FITGLOW !

I’ve been a fan of Fitglow for a long time. I actually won a giveaway years ago and loved their products back then. Well they’ve had a facelift, a rebrand and now they are better than ever.

Let’s talk about the ladies that I’ve met that work behind the brand first. I am all about personal relationships and I love that when I met Anna and Nina in August at Indie Beauty Expo - it felt like I’ve known them for years. I know social media has its fair share of problems. But man, the connections I’ve been able to make through Instagram have been so uplifting. I get to meet amazing people from that little app. Anyways. Anna is the founder and formulator of Fitglow. Sorry for all the F’s. She is a beautiful mother and is sweet as can be. She is also generous and so kind. Nina is the sweet babe that you see on their Instagram stories. She started using Fitglow for her skin and she never looked back! She is an incredible makeup artist and makes applying makeup look like a breeze. Come to Charlotte and do my makeup, Nina. K THANKS.

Let’s Talk skincare!

I now have quite the Fitglow collection! I have several skincare products that keep my skin happy and healthy and their makeup is just incredible. It is easily comparable to high end skincare and high performance makeup - only without the toxins!

I use a lot of Fitglow’s products daily so I wanted to create a one brand look for ya!

I started with cleansing my face with their Calm Cleansing Milk. This creamy, milky cleanser is calming (duh) and is great for sensitive skin! I massage a little pump onto dry skin and then slowly incorporate water until it’s totally rinsed.

Then I sprayed a few spritzes of the Sea Toning Mist into my (CLEAN) palms and pressed it into my skin.

From there, I followed up with Eye C Firm - which obviously helps firm and treat the delicate eye area. Last step is Cloud Comfort Cream which calms your skin and gives your face a nice little moisture barrier.

ready for makeup!

Now that my skin is prepped, I went in with their Vita Active Foundation. I use a crazy blend of VF1 and VF4. I take a full pump of VF1 and a teeny pump of VF4 on their Vegan Teddy Foundation Brush (which is amazing - you need it). My face, neck and chest are all naturally different shades (lucky me). So I usually have to apply a darker shade of whatever I’m using to my neck and chest to make it look like I’m not wearing a mask because no one wants that.

I would say that the Vita-Active Foundation is a light to medium coverage. You can always go in and add more. But I like that you can still see my freckles. It smoothes out my skin without covering it up.

Once I have a base, it’s time to add dimension and life back in. First things first, I gotta use Eye Bright since I have horrible dark circles (I like to pretend that they’re hereditary, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I drink lots and lots of coffee). If you’re not familiar with Eye Bright, it’s a yellow concealer. It’s perfect for cancelling out those dark blues that are under the eye! The easiest way for me to apply it is to scrape a little out with my (again, clean) nail and then rub it together with my ring fingers to warm it up a little bit. Once it’s nice and smooth, I just dab it under my eyes and on my eyelids. I like to let Eye Bright sit for a minute or two. Then I use their Conceal+ in shades C2 and C5. Since I like a brighter under eye, C2 is perfect for me. I also use C2 to highlight. I dab a little bit down the center of my nose, on my cupids bow, center of my forehead and chin. Of course, C5 is way too dark to conceal anything on my pale face, so I use it to ‘contour’ for lack of a better word. I don’t try to look like a Kardashian or change my face shape. But I like to use it in place of a bronzer. So I’ll dab this in the hollows of my cheeks, my forehead and jawline - then blend upwards with the foundation brush. It’s nothing too crazy! Just the perfect amount to make me look nice and warmed up! I made sure to use a little Vita-Set Powder under my eyes to make sure the concealer doesn’t crease or move! I didn’t use a blush. Instead, I popped a little bit of their Lip Colour Serum in Root on the apples of my cheeks! Make your own rules!

If you haven’t tried Fitglow’s Good Lash+ Mascara, you are really missing out on something special. Their mascara doesn’t just give you the appearance of long and thick lashes, this mascara can actually help grow them. Yes please. I usually like to do around 3 or 4 coats. I can’t stop! If you’ve tried this mascara, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

For lips, I had to use a Lip Colour Serum. For this look, I used Root as well. I freaking love these things. I usually have two in my purse at all times because I can’t ever choose which one I want to wear. I love them that much. I would wear them to bed if I could. They feel absolutely incredible on the lips. It’s like a lip treatment and a lip color all wrapped into one. They have vegan collagen as one of the ingredients that helps your lips cell structure so we can stay plump foreva!

To complete this look, I sprayed my face ever so lightly with the Sea Toning Mist to set it and forget it!


I love how soft and simple this look is. This is my usual look. If I’m feeling fancy - I’ll throw on some eyeshadow and eyeliner. But for the most part, I love a laidback face!

The only non Fitglow Beauty product I used was for my brows. I used Plume Science’s Nourish and Define Brow Pomade in Chestnut Decadence. You can use code AMBER30 for 30% off!

Hope you enjoyed this look!

Grab some products from Fitglow! You will not regret it!

Hope you have the best week!

Yours Truly,



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