My Favorite Green/Non-Toxic Hair Products

Welcome back! At this point, I assume that my mom is the only one reading this... so, hi mom, thanks for reading my blog.

So anyways! Let's talk about hair.

I've been SO pleasantly surprised with these hair products- so much so, that I FORGET that they're non-toxic. That's pretty amazing! I've tried a few non-toxic shampoos in the past where they didn't "suds up" that well, or I'd have to wash my hair twice in order to get that clean feeling.

These products are different. The shampoo & conditioner lather up so nicely, and the hair sprays have INCREDIBLE hold.

Watch the video below for my go-to products for my locks!

*shop the hair products in the video by clicking here



Lady in Redddddddddddd (lipstick)

Lady in Redddddddddddd (lipstick)

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