Dirty Hair is the Best Hair

Dirty Hair is the Best Hair

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I'm talking about something super serious today. Dry shampoo.

It takes me forever to wash my hair. Mostly because I end up listening and singing (duh) to Celine Dion in the shower. 

Am I the only one that thinks dirty hair is the best hair? It styles better, it's fuller and ya know, I don't have to wash it. Winning! People don't say that anymore, do they?

I used to be a dry shampoo fanatic. I loved everything about it. 

Until I found out what the ingredients were. 

Most dry shampoos contain ingredients that can cause skin, eye and lung irritations, dermatitis, organ system toxicity, allergens, respiratory issues, immune system issues and hormone disruptors. None of those sound like spa treatments. 

I thought it was goodbye.

Boy, was I wrong. 

I randomly found Bambu Earth (thank you, Instagram!). They had dry shampoo in a brown powder and were having a sale. It was definitely meant to be.  

Bambu Earth's ingredients are nothing to fear. Their dry shampoo has ingredients you can pronounce! Like arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, cocoa powder (yum), chamomile + lavender flower, horsetail powder, comfrey root powder. I can read that! I don't have to spend 12 minutes sounding everything out! It's a miracle! Every ingredient is a 1 on ewg.org. Um, yes please!

Again, what's so awesome about Bambu Earth's dry shampoo is that they have one for Light Locks and one for Dark Tresses. Brunettes or even red heads know the struggle of the awful white streak on our hair after spraying dry shampoo or the white powder from using baby powder. 

No need to worry about that stuff anymore!

I was used to aerosol (ew) dry shampoos and I wasn't sure how I'd like a powder. It took a few times to get used to it. But now I'm obsessed. Last summer, I went NINE DAYS without washing my hair. Now, I'm not proud of that - actually, I really am.  

So here's how I apply my Bambu Earth dry shampoo powder:

1. Section off hair

2. Sprinkle powder on scalp

3. Fluff

4. Done!

Are you ready to try cleaner and greener dry shampoo?! Well give Bambu Earth a try! You won't regret it!

Amber from Bambu Earth (funny how that worked out) was kind enough to offer a coupon code for my readers! Use code MSCENTS20 for 20% off ENTIRE purchase!*

Let me know what you end up buying! 

Have a great week!



*Limit one per customer

*Coupon expires 5/31/16

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