Bloom into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

Bloom into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

Hi guys!!

Long time no talk! I'll catch you up on everything that's been going on in a later blog post but I wanted to talk about Lotus Wei and their founder, Katie's new book called 'Flowerevolution'!

First of all, if you haven't tried Lotus Wei yet, I (and a ton of others) highly recommend them! The Lotus Wei team uses flowers to unlock our full potential and create more self-awareness and insight! They have Flower Elixirs, Aura Mists, Transformative Perfumes (on my Must-Buy-ASAP-list!), Balancing Serums and Anointing Oils!

Now, I believe that I control my mood, thoughts and energy. But sometimes I need a little push! I have the Radiant Energy Elixir and I love it! I put a few drops under my tongue or into my water throughout the day when I need to conquer a massive to-do list! It can also help when you're fatigued from being on the computer or cell phone (hello! we all need this!)! It's a subtle shift. Nothing too drastic like Bradley Cooper in 'Limitless' or anything. 

If you're looking for a mist of any sort- Lotus Wei's are the bomb. I've heard great things about their mists. I have their Joy Juice Aura Mist. And what a joy it is. The scent is sweet and soft. Not overpowering at all. Joy Juice is designed to awaken joy, laughter and happiness. Don't we all need more of that?! 

Need a roll-on perfume? Of course you do! And why not roll on Infinite Love? We all could use more of that too, right? The purpose of Infinite Love Anointing Oil is to create more compassion, gentleness and obviously, love. This scent is amazing as well. So uplifting! 

I also was matched with their Banana Yucca Elixir. Which is so cool! They have pictures of flowers and based on what flowers you're attracted to, you were matched with a certain elixir. I love the Banana Yucca and what it represents. No, it doesn't taste like bananas. It tastes sweet like honey. Perfect for adding to any beverage during the day! I love how it promotes collaboration, progress and hidden potential!  I don't know about you. But some days I'm ready to conquer the world. Other days, I feel incapable, insecure and unsure of my purpose. Banana Yucca will squash those thoughts! It will exchange those nasty thoughts and give you confidence, leadership and more. It's truly amazing how Banana Yucca is exactly what I needed. 

And isn't the Banana Yucca flower gorgeous?!

Here's a description of the Banana Yucca Elixir from their website! 

Ummm, yes please! Bring those unseen talents to the surface, Banana Yucca! 

Onto 'Flowerevolution'! Katie teamed up with amazing filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg to capture and create an incredible book about how you can bloom into your full potential with the magic of flowers. From Banana Yucca (like mentioned above) to Spider Lily and Rose. All of these flowers serve a specific purpose. I'm so interested to hear how things (plants and even flowers) that we are so blessed to be around can help our mind, body and soul!

Go to their website to get matched with a flower! It's so fun to see what you get paired with!

A couple things before you go!

1. Make sure to go to Lotus Wei's page for some giveaways! Like sneak peeks of chapters, beautiful wallpapers and a free download of the "Magic Flowers" app by Katie and Louie! So click it now!

2. Obviously get Katie's book! Duhhhh. 

3. Be sure to check out Britanie's (from Beauty By Britanie!) post on Flowerevolution and see why Britanie calls Katie "Queen of the Flowers"!

Have an amazing day!



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The Complete Skincare Collection from Bambu Earth!

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